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It is a general term for various pleasant aromas transformed from tea leaves after storage.
Similar to old wooden furniture, it undergoes a series of complex oxidation reactions under the action of oxygen, microorganisms, etc., and produces a substance similar to that of old wood.
Usually refers to dark tea, or tea that can be stored. The aged aroma can easily be felt in old tea that has a certain age.

Chen Yun:

The medicinal aroma is a relaxing and comfortable aroma, like the rich and calm smell that comes from cooked medicinal materials, but it has nothing to do with the strong and pungent Chinese medicinal soup! It is usually a characteristic that only old tea possesses.

Medicinal aroma:

This refers to ordinary, normal tea, not scented tea. Special inspection quantities such as floral and fruity aroma are the aroma produced internally by chemical changes in tea leaves during processing. Compared with fresh leaves, processed tea leaves have at least three times more aromatic substances.
Basically every tea has its own special floral and fruity aroma.

Floral/fruity aroma: